As the dedicated in-house marketing team for Shop3D.ca, we played a pivotal role in growing the company to seven-figure revenues, predominantly through online B2B sales. That success was achieved through building and maintaining relationships with customers and developing a sales process tailored to their needs. We focused on making the purchase process seamless! Our innovative outreach campaigns and ability to share customer stories in compelling formats earned us multiple marketing awards and pushed us to constantly evolve.

The natural next step was to split off into our own company. Armed with a unique perspective into advertising strategies, gained from our industry experiences, coupled with an understanding of the Canadian business landscape, we are ready to bring our expertise to new projects.

In a digital age where everything feels so impersonal, it’s hard to find someone who is in your corner. Challenging that is the foundation behind our Rule #1: Always prioritize our clients’ best interests.

Our approach is based on building authentic relationships. We pride ourselves on offering expert guidance, a comprehensive suite of services, and delivering work of the highest caliber—driven by a sense of pride in what we create. Discover how our personalized approach can elevate your business. Contact us to get started.

Meet The Team

Sarah Caracciolo

Sarah is an award-winning Creative Director with expertise in graphic design, front-end web development, and marketing.

With a passion for transforming businesses through design, she excels in creating captivating brands, well-planned websites, unique brand activations and compelling marketing materials. Her commitment to continuous growth and pushing creative boundaries allows her to deliver exceptional results.

Outside of work, Sarah’s artistic pursuits as a watercolor artist, costumer, and silversmith fuel her creativity and inspire fresh ideas for every project.